My Euphoria thoughts and picks


Ryan Schultz vs David Ganoa

Like most people, I know jack shit about David Ganoa. I hear he's pretty good on the ground but that's all I know about him. I find it extremly hard to pick against Schultz anyways. Schultz has won 9 of his past 10 fights including a victory over Gil Castillo. Schultz via TKO late in round 1.

Henry Matamoros vs Rich Clementi

While I am extremly disapointed that Alberto Crane had to dorp out, Matamoros is one hell of a replacement. However it's a tough task to fill in on two weeks notice to fight Rich Clementi. I am going with Clementi via Submission midway through the second round.

Hermes Franca vs Phil Johns

Haven't seen anything of Johns since UFC 30, but he's been active. He's unbeaten in his last 5 as far as I know. However in my opinion I think Hermes is the favorite to win this tournament. I'm picking Hermes by Submission midway through the very first round.

Sergei Goyalev vs Joachim Hansen

I have only seen one Goylaev fight on tape and i wasn't too impressed. Joachim Hansen should beat him. Anyone who has beat Takanori Gomi is a definite top fighter. Hansen via Submission early in round 2

Naoyuki Kotani vs Yves Edwards

While Edwards has had trouble with Japanese Fighters (1-3 off the top of my head), it's hard to pick against him this time. 6 straight wins (well 5 and the Hermes fight IMO) in the UFC. Kotani also has those big back to back losses earlier this year. Edwards via TKO early in round 3.


Jonathan Wiezorek vs Ben Rothwell

I haven't seen many fights on either guy. Wiezorek has had cardio problems in the past and I think Rothwell can use that too his advantage. Rothwell via Referee Stoppage late in round 2

Travis Wiuff vs Ibragim Magmedov

Travis Wiuff is the most underrated fighter in the Heavyweight Division these days. He definitly seems to be the favorite in the Heavyweight Tournament. Ibragim is Red Devil's young Heavyweight though so it might be interesting. I'm say Travis Wiuff via TKO late or else a Decision.

Ulysses Castro vs Kerry Schall

Ulysses Castro is the darkhorse in this tournament. He's the only person in the world who has 2 victories over Dan Severn, although that doesn't mean nearly as much these days as it once would have. Ulysses Castro via TKO early in round 2.

Jeff Monson vs Pat Stano

Monson has won his past couple, and I don't know anything really about Pat Stano except that he took Severn to a draw about 2 years ago. I'm saying Monson will pull out a decision.

Roman Zentsov vs Antoine Jaoude

The main event, and yet the match I care least about. Zentsov has a so-so record, and his fighting shows why I feel. I know Jaoude is a very good wrestler, but that's about it. I'll say Jaoude via Ground N Pound TKO in round 2.

"Wiezorek has had cardio problems in the past "


Schultz over Ganoa by TKO, simply because Schultz is damn good and I know nothing about Ganoa.

Clementi over Matamoros by decision, maybe a late TKO. Matamoros is tough, but his only chance to win is by submission, and I don't see that happening. I don't think Clementi can submit Matamoros.

Franca should tap Johns in the first round.

Hansen has one of the coolest MMA guards around. One of the very few fighters in the world who can consistently win fights, even decisions, off of his back. I think he'll submit Golyaev, maybe with a triangle.

Kotani is a great fighter (and his loss to Aurelio is questionable...should've been a no contest), but he just doesn't match up well with Edwards. Kotani's so-so wrestling skills will be his downfall. Yves by decision.

Wiezorek/Rothwell is tough to call. I haven't seen enough of either guy to make a prediction.

Wiuff is a monster. Wiuff by TKO round 2.

I've heard good things about Castro, and I'll pick him to beat Schall.

I know next to nothing about Stano, but Monson has become a much more well-rounded grappler lately. Monson by decision or late submission.

Jaoude is a wrestler, but he loves to stand toe to toe. Exciting fighter, from what I've seen. Jaoude by TKO.

ben rothwell via rash.

Rash? What does that mean? No disrespect, but does Ben have a killer case of chicken pox or something?

Hornbuckle, you havent seen his UFC fight?

yeah, i saw it. it looked more like a "getting beat in the face" problem than a cardio problem though

I'll take Magomedov over Wiuff, by late KO. Ibragim is a much better wrestler than Zentsov, and a more devastating striker.