My Evil UFC 74 Picks

UFC 74 Picks. After the weigh in.

Randy Couture vs Gabriel Gonzaga: Randy Couture

Roger Huerta vs Alberto Crane: Roger Huerta

Josh Koscheck vs GSP: GSP

Kurt Pellegrino vs Joe Stevenson: Joe Stevenson

Patrick Cote vs Kendall Grove: Kendall Grove

Ryan Jensen vs Thales Leites: Thales Leites

Renato Sobral vs David Heath: Renato Sobral

Frank Mir vs Antoni Hardonk: Frank Mir

Clay Guida vs Marcus Aurelio: Marcus Aurelio

Just to potentially give my trolls something to work with "if" I get anything wrong.


agree with every choice.

I do acknowledge that my Randy choice is prolly based on how much I love the guy :)

Yeah me to!...:)

Go Randy!


solid picks imo

Koschoke could prove you wrong ?

I highly doubt it, what the hell was with that superman pose, cocky, over confident, and he thinks GSP is weak, he is going to get stuffed

65/35 in favor of GSP.


I agree with the Evil one.

Couldnt have called it better myself.

I agree with all of those good work fella!

i agree with every pick, but i wouldn't be suprised if the Cote/Grove fight went the other way.

Yeah, cote looked good and ready. You could be right on that one.

Mir will lose

I think they are good. I am favoring Clay, Patrick and Hardonk though.

good pics Evil, mine are the same as yours

You just sit there hoping I get something wrong Sizzle Chest. And if I do, then you can talk.

These are some hard fights to call, because so many of the fights have a fighter from whom we don't know what to expect.

Is Gabe for real?

Is GSP focused?

Is Mir alive?

Honestly, EM's picks look good, but if he had picked the other fighter in every single fight, I still couldn't argue too much with the picks.


sounds good to me

Good point Misedukatd. I can see every one of these fights going either way actually. Picking fights is just giving your best guess. This is fighting, anything can happen once the cage door closes. One mistake is all it takes.