My ex-boyfriend lurks the UG

So ladies, today I spoke to my ex-boyfriend for the first time in months... I asked him if he had seen any of my shows and he said no, but he read something about me. He said his 'friend' forwarded a link to the 'Naked pics of Miss RaRa' thread (It's deleted now). BTW, there were no naked pics in the thread. Ray Jackson was having a little fun and was requesting some lol. Anyway, I can't believe he came here. He doesn't follow the sport... soooo hrmmmmm.

Do you think he lurks here to check up on me? Or do you think his friend really sent him the link?

I think his friend really did send him the link because I don't think he'd lie to me like that, but my friends think otherwise.


allfighter is correct.

 Allfighter is definintely correct, the same thing happened to me.


Ray is such a giving individual.

 It'd be kinda funny if you made a fake post in tapout (Naked pics of me and my BF or something), and made the dude pay for a blue name just to see a message that says "Hi Ex-BF's Name"

HAHA... That's a good on ryanJ! lol

Ohhh nooo.. me post pics of ex-man on UG... no no no! lol. That's another thread waiting to happen lol.


Don't know how I stumbled in here...long day of posting and disoriented I guess. Aw damn, who am I kidding? I thought this forum had something to do with pics of hot women.

To aswer the question...YES, I believe your ex is checking up on you via the UG. If he knows you frequent it, he's lurking even if he says he isn't.

I don't care who he is, any guy that is out of a relationship with an outgoing, successful and pretty girl has bouts of withdrawal and typically second-guesses the relationship.

Just my 2 cents.

Whoooopeee let's talk about him for the next 4 hours and how he "hurt" you.

The best way to make him stop lurking is to post provocative pics of yourself with some random UGer.

As vile and disgusting as it may be, it will scar him for life. lol

hey tamara, if you want I can kick his ass for you.

i saw some fight vids on youtube the other day and I've recently bought an Affliction shirt.

just lemme know.

^^^ lol

we should all start threads to mess with him. Mine will be "I triangled RaRa...Nekked!"