My existence is measured 1320ft per unit

For that 1/360th of an hour, I am unencumbered

Was it Dan the Wolfman who said something like that?

You've sunken to stealing from Dan the Wolfman?

MMA Playwright - Was it Dan the Wolfman who said something like that?

You've sunken to stealing from Dan the Wolfman?

The great Mark Sinclair said that in the cult classic "The Fast and The Furious" (2001)

"I live my life one fight at a time, and in those
fifteen minutes or less, I am free..."

Welcome to the den of Dan "The Wolfman"
Theodore, professional mixed martial arts
fighter and submission wrestler!


Dan "The Wolfman" Theodore is a lifelong martial artist,

accomplished submission grappler, and frequent mixed-

martial-arts competitor who's persuit of fighting has

taken him as far as Japan.


Theodore has fought world-class fighters such as Yuki 

Kondo and Jeremy Horn, and recently took first in the 

Great Lakes Submission Grappling Championship no-

gi heavyweight division.

(...More bio information soon to come!)


A semi-fiction martial arts and self-discovery book by Daniel Theodore

Prelude: Revelations, Opening the Door

August 26
East Lansing, Michigan, USA

Here it was again. The time to register for yet another string of boring business and accounting classes. Jake Monroe sat in front of his computer screen, staring empty eyed at the classes that were not yet taken. Something didn't feel right. "What in the hell am I doing with my life?" he asked himself out loud. "Entering my senior year of The Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University," was the reply he got dis-enchantingly from his conscience. "But why?" he thought to himself. "Why am I here? Where am I going? And why?"
Just then, a thunderstorm rushed up outside, and the rain pelting down distracted him from his thoughts. "Shit!" he said to no one in particular. He went outside to roll up the windows on his 70' Dodge Challenger. The sky turned red with heat lightning. He got the windows up and stood there looking up at the sky, looking for answers. For many minutes he stood there, his tank top and jeans getting drenched. The rain shattered down like a small monsoon. He believed in "something greater", be that the name of God, or Tao, or simply the order of nature. While baptized Christian, he had never gone to church much. He didn't care much for services, though he loved the tranquility of churches themselves. A beginning religion class he took last semester for no apparent reason, called Myth, Self, and Religion has opened his eyes a little, only making for more questions. They had studied Julian of Norwich, Rama Krishna, Buddha, Satomi Mayodo, Lame Deer, and Mama Lola. His personal sense of justice, and his "hardness/maleness" coupled with "softness/femaleness" make the spirit Ogou of the Voodoo tradition quite interesting. He got an A on a paper he wrote on Julian though he didn't care for her near as much as Satomi Mayodo. He liked Satomi's free spiritedness. Most of all, he really liked what he was finding out about Buddhism. Something sang to him there. He also liked what little he has read on Taoism in books he read about on Bruce Lee. But he didn't know if he should consider himself Pagan, or Bhuddist, or a Taoist or what. Whatever the case, no spirit took over his body and no vision of Buddha or Christ would answer him. But there was something, and in an instant of clarity, with thunder and lightning all around, he knew that his present course was not what he wanted.

"This isn't right!", he said as if to confirm his revelation. "What I am doing is wrong. I don't want to be here. My father wants me to be here. I don't want his big money and all his success. When am I going to stop living my life for him and start living it for myself?". Tears started to trickle down his cheek. He thought of his father, a rich vice-president of one of the big three U.S. automakers. He is never good enough no matter what he does. He has been staying out of trouble for quite sometime now, going to business school, getting a 3.0 and it is never enough. Never enough, no matter what. He realized how he doesn't want that big time, shin digging, BS talking, butt kissing, fake life. All of his father's associates were so full of crap. All they did was march in tune to the system. He realized how they, as well as most people he has ever met, are like robots, totally lacking sincerity. Everyone was living their ego identities; there were so out of tune with their true inner-selves. And so was he, he now realized.
Jake lashed out at the air, throwing kicks and punches every which way. His anger flowed though his veins and well-muscled physique. The grass around him was now turned into a mud bath. Muddy water flung from his feet as he threw round kicks and spinning hook kicks. He slipped and fell but did not care. He crawled up to his knees as if mounting someone. He saw the dark reflection of his face when he looked down at the ground. Who was it? Who was he? He punched the ground time after time after time until he could not punch any more due to exhaustion. He wiped the mud from his brow with his forearms and when the puddle settled he was still there. The rain stopped, and a calm came over Jake. He stared intently at his reflection and thus at himself. Through all his anger and through all his tears, he was still there. It was himself that he had to always live with. Himself who he had to know and be content with. Buy who was he? Who was he really? That is what Jake was found asking himself.

Chapter 1: Reflections and Crossing the Threshold

August 29
East Lansing, Michigan

It's been a hell of a few days. Jake is tired but excited. How had he ever done it? How had he ever gotten the strength to call his father and tell him he was dropping out of college for now and wouldn't talk to him for a long time? In the past few days Jake has managed to move all his things into a storage facility and cancel his lease on his apartment. He was really doing it. He really was just packing up on a whim and going in search of the world and himself.

Right now Jake was miraculously getting handed cash for the sale of his pickup truck. He took out the rolled up motorcycle trader he had stuffed in his back pocked and called the number. The man said he could come look at his ride whenever he wanted. Jake graciously asked his new truck buyer for a lift and got it. He said thank you to the man that gave him a lift, and said his own little good-byes to his vehicle the way men do. He walked up to the little house and knocked on the door. A white haired bearded man in his 60's answered the door, dressed in sleeveless blue jean shirt and red bandana.
"How can I help you?" the old refuge from god knows what war said.
"I am here to look at your bike," said Jake.
The man introduced himself and showed Jake around to the garage. He opened up the door and said there she is; it was beautiful silver 1949 Indian motorcycle. It had leather saddlebags on both sides and looked to be in good condition.
"Want to take it for a spin?"
"Sure, yeah, I'd love too!" Jake spurted out like a 16 yr. old given the keys to the family car for the first time.
The man kicked started it by jumping high into the air and coming down hard with his square towed boots. "You gonna be O.K.?" he asked.
"Sure, sure," said Jake, hoping it was not a lie. He had not ridden a motorcycle in three years. The thing had a beautiful low rumble to it. The man handed him a helmet and he put it on. Jake's long black ponytail hung out the back. He got on the Indian and boy was it heavy. He switched into first gear and slowly started to go. He cautiously got going and switched into 2nd. By 3rd Gear it felt smooth and good and Jake relaxed. It felt good; hell it felt great. This was it. This was his new freedom. Jake cruised around for 5 minutes and came back. He took off the helmet and by the grin on his face, the old man knew that his wife would be happy.
"So you like it hey?" old Grey beard said.
"Yeah, she's great." Jake replied.
The man went on to tell Jake about how he acquired the bike sometime in the mid-70's, when he was hanging with a club called the Joker's. He said how he hates to get rid of it but his wife is making him because neither of them work anymore, except for him doing some auto body work at a shop a couple of times a week.
Jake said, "I'll take it," and pulled out a huge stack of cash from his fanny pack.
"That's it, no haggling?" the old 1% said shocked.
"Well, you could throw in the helmet and a U.S. road map and you got yourself a deal," Jake stated with a smile.
"Where ya heading?"
Jake thought a minute and replied, "In the direction I'm going I guess."

MMA Playwright - 

"I live my life one fight at a time, and in those

fifteen minutes or less, I am free..."

Welcome to the den of Dan "The Wolfman"

Theodore, professional mixed martial arts

fighter and submission wrestler!

Yes, there's a reason he was kicked out of here. Mark Sinclair's lawyers threatened Kirik. Kirik dicktucked and banned DantheWolfman to show contrition.

The old man laughed and offered Jake a beer before he left. He said how he wished he was that young still, but that he had had his fun. His wife come out of the kitchen, saw the money, and quickly grabbed it. She hugged Jake for no apparent reason and insisted that he stay and eat a sandwich.
"My husband is a good man, but he was always getting himself in trouble."
Jake looked over at him and for the first time noticed his scars. He had scars on his forearms and on one eyebrow that could only mean years of fist fighting and a couple of knife fights. Jake reminded himself to one day really learn some stick and knife fighting from Kali, Escrima, or Silat or something. He knew that just watching The Dog Brothers tapes, as good as they are, without really training on a regular basis or having some good training partners would only get him so far if it came down to it. The old biker also had a small circle on his left shoulder and Jake couldn't tell if it was from a small cigar or from a bullet. He caught Jake's eye so Jake said, "Yeah, it looks like you had your fare share of trouble."
"Well, sometimes your dumb and you ask for it, sometimes it just comes for you, and sometimes you got no choice but to get involved."
No matter what bad things this guy has done, this seemed like a pretty good observation from someone who was speaking from real world experience. He had self-knowledge of these things. That is the kind of knowledge and experience that Jake knew he had to get for himself.
They finished their beers and bologna sandwiches and they said their good-byes. Jake went outside and the old timer followed him out. He told Jake that before he goes, to take care of himself.
"If you need it I wrote down the names of a couple of guys in some biker clubs in Indiana and Iowa who, if still around, would remember me."
With that, he gave Jake the piece of paper and a stiff handshake. Jake putting on his helmet and starting the Bike signaled the end of their conversation.
Jake rolled up to his old apartment and parked. He went inside and gathered his few remaining things.

Some clothes, a few select martial arts and spiritual books, and the wolf knife his mother got him all went into the saddlebags. He also grabbed some current martial art magazines as well as the Full Contact Fighter newspaper. He put on a white bandana with a falcon on it from his old high school Farmington High, and positioned one of the falcons eyes above and between his own. He then put on some fingerless leather gloves and a leather vest he bought the day before. He slipped his KISS folding knife and Spyderco serrated Endura knife into his pockets. He walked around his place, double-checking to see if he missed anything, and he didn't, so he said goodbye and locked up.
Jake went and sat down on his bike. Now what, he wondered. Well, he knew that his game plan was to ride and see where it goes. He figured that in looking for himself he would also try to do this by expanding his horizons in the martial arts. He knew he wanted to really get his skill to a high level. He wanted to become the best he can be, both in the martial arts and life in general. He started to think back on his life and how the martial arts have effected him.
e, there was only The martial arts have always been very special to him, he thought. He reflected how he started when he was nine years old. The day after he saw the movie Karate Kid, a kid was picking a fight with him at the end of recess. The kid kicked at his groin with a front kick and somehow he blocked. The kid looked stunned and didn't know what to do, so he kicked at the groin again. Jake managed to block again. The kid ran away, and Jake defended himself with martial arts for the first time in his life. He convinced his parents to enroll him at the local Tae Kwon Do school a few days later. Jake quickly took to the martial arts and excelled, even though he was chubby at the time. With time, his skill grew, as did he. Jake became tall and muscular. Though he tried to make time for things like Baseball, Football, Choir, and even Marching Band one year, Jake spent most his energy on his Tae Kwon Do. He did very well for a while at tournaments, both if forms/Poomse/Kata and sparring. But eventually, he remembered how he got sick of Tae Kwon Do sparring competitions for it became high-speed tag, and people practiced very bad habits. He knew that people purposefully turning there backs and keeping there hands low because you couldn't strike to the back or punch to the face would be detrimental in a real fight. In 8th and half of 9th grade, he even remembers doing wrestling, thinking that it could help in a real fight. But of course he eventually quite wrestling because he thought it had too many rules, and though being on your back isn't an advantage in a fight, just being there doesn't mean you have lost. Jake chuckled as he remembered bench pressing and throwing someone off of him in a match and actually pinning himself in the process.
Through the 1st couple years of high school he remembers getting out of many fights by either walking away, just taking the first hit and laughing, or doing Hapkido wristlocks. In the middle of his junior year his parent's got divorced and he went to live with his father in the small country town of Richmond, Mi. He recalls how the local town bad ass and crew would not leave him alone and picked on him for being the outsider. He tried everything to get the guy to leave him alone, including asking him to stop or joking about it. But of course nothing worked and the situation got worse. So finally after a month Jake had had enough. He waited for the bully and confronted him. They squared off and looked into each other's eyes. Jake noticed his right fist clench up and saw a flicker in the bully's eyes. So, believe it or not, he jumped high into the air doing a jump roundhouse kick to the guy's head, hitting him with the instep of his shoe. He stumbled back, and Jake followed it up with a right-left sending the bully against the lockers. The bully tried desperately to get Jake on his back by hooking a single leg for a wrestling takedown, but he somehow manage to stay squatting with his back somewhat against the lockers. A fierce right punch to the flank below the ribs, followed by some knees to the head, put an end to the bully's attempts at a takedown. The bully was flat on his back and Jake jumped high into the air to come stomping down on his head. Luckily, last minute he pulled the stomp. If he didn't he could have caused serious damage as the bullies head was isolated by the hard linoleum floor. A few more punches and the fight was over. Jake remembered how he got suspended for 3 days and the bully got suspended for a week since he was the instigator. When he came back to school he was a total hero, everyone wanted to shake his hand and congratulate him for taking out the local bad ass. Jake laughed thinking about how he would probably never do a jumping kick again, it was just at that time in his life at the Tae Kwon Do school they did a lot of them and it was also the last move he practiced the night before the fight. While he now new that jumping kicks were not very often the best move in a real fight, the fact that his opponent was taller at 6'2" and that it worked, meant that it couldn't have been that bad of a choice. As for wounds, Jake had a small weird bruise under his left knee. Turns out Jake sensed his opponent's initial punch coming and it must have hit his leg when he was mid-air doing the simultaneous kick. Jake laughed to himself, jokingly thinking that he must have invented the way of the intercepting kick.
Except for some minor skirmishes involving de-escalation, an eagle claw to the throat, or some hapkido here and therone other time where Jake had to fully use his martial arts skill.

-Ted Theodore Logan esquire


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