My explanation of events.....

After thorough research, I will explain the incidents leading to the other thread.

I was out with my friends. There were some people there who we knew, but weren't particularly friendly with. No animosity, just not friends. In the parking lot after we left, a little joking around suddenly turned serious. I wasn't expecting it at all. My buddy, who was a boxer got punched. Bad idea. I decide that I am going to jump in and break this thing up to save that other guy's ass. Bad idea. I seperate the two and the one asshole, not my buddy, started punching me. He hits like a bitch and it didn't do anything to me, but I couldn't let it slide on general principal. So I threw him with a sweet headthrow and it planted his head into the pavement. He was either out or damn close to it. I started pounding on him and one of his friends kicked me in the face. That is when all hell broke lose.

The fight was eventually broken up, yep Police there. The cop was an off duty BSO Deputy who I have 2 cases with. He was cool about everything. Then I don't know why, but I got into an argument with one of my friends by our cars and that escalted into another altercation. The cop came back over and told us that if we didn't cut it out and leave, he was going to arrest us.

We left. Me being shit faced and not being able to leave well enough alone decided, "bitch I'm going to show up at your house." Well, my buddy wouldn't answer the door. I knew he was there because I heard him and his wife talking. I might have said something to the effect of "I'm going to bust into your fucking house, knock your stupid ass out and fuck your wife." I went to the back window and it looked cracked. I attempted to open it, but it was locked and the burgler alarm went off. I heard his wife yell, "oh my god! call the police!"

At that point, I decided descretion was the better part of valor and I left before the police arrived.

I have spoken with my buddy since and explained the alcohol issue to him. He told me "shit, I have known that since high school." I appologized, he told me not to appologize to him, but to his wife. I did. Trying to patch things up.

best of luck my friend, if you ever need someone to talk too, let me know. I am lucky never to had an alcohol problem, but I have friends who have. Take care.