My Father Died at 6 O'Clock Tonight......

I'm so cold. My body is freezing...He had a heart attack.... I have no one to really grieve with right now.. My mother is 5 hours away and there is a snowstorm in her area and the roads are closed so I am unable to leave till the morning... My loving and caring girlfriends are with my mother back home untill I get there..MrNiceGuy and I are just sorta here drinking house is so warm but my body is so cold.


Peter Anderson was a man that believed in hard work and honesty...He loved me and was always proud of me and the woman I became.. He drove transport and was on the road most of my childhood and the older I got the closer we became.. He loved to talk and tell stories about being on the road... and look at me now fucking rambling..sorry. 

I did all that I can do for now..been on the phone forever with i wait it out till the morning..I'll see his body tomorrow before they cremate... No service....just the way he wanted it. All I can think about right now is my mother..she is a widow now..she devoted her life to him and now he's gone...




Sorry for your loss. Phone Post 3.0

Rip Phone Post 3.0

Rip :( Phone Post 3.0

Rip very sorry for your loss Phone Post 3.0

Damn I'm sorry for your loss Phone Post 3.0

So so sorry. Sending hugs and good thoughts your way!! ;-( Phone Post 3.0

Sorry for your loss NH.  


Sorry NH.

RIP Phone Post 3.0

Shit NH, sorry for your loss I couldn't imagine what you are going through Phone Post 3.0

Im sorry to hear that. Wish I could send some whiskey to you guys. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry NH! I can't imagine the weight on your soul right now. Keep your head up and reflect on the good times. This too shall pass, is what my late grandmother would say. Phone Post 3.0

Rip. So sorry for your loss. Phone Post 3.0

:( I'm so damn sorry! You still have us!

Sorry to hear.


Wow!  Sorry to hear that.  My dad's getting up there in years and I know I'm not going to handle it well at all when he finally goes. 


So sorry to hear. Tough, tough loss to be faced with. I wish you and yours the best.

Truly sorry NH, l dread the day I have to bury my parents but I know it's coming soon. Hope you find solace in the greatness your Dad brought you. Phone Post 3.0