My Father in Law just met Shonie Carter!!!!!

This is an excerpt from my in laws story...

 Some crazy guy in the Chicago airport with a UFC belt or something complete with pimp suit and everything!!!!   Kept the belt in his carry on lugage!!!!....

Said he was extremely polite and nice,,, when asked what his name was kept saying, Shonie Carter, Shonie Carter, Shonie Carter man!!!

Fucking classic!!!! Shonie, if you read this you truly are awesome.

Thank you for making my inlaws father in law's day.

 I guess that means he found a ride to NO last night.

 He stated that he was extremely nice. and while they both waited for their luggage Shonie was polite and actually grabbed his luggage for him...

TTT for Mr. International!!!!!!!

P.S. - My Father in Law said he was shorter than he expected.... But still was an awesome guy!

 If I was your in-law, i would have asked....Who gave you a ride to NO? 

ttt for sc

 the legend grows

this is great! you gotta love Shonie!

 Great story..

following Shonie Carter we now resume his travels at the airport. lol

 Shonie is a shorter guy- but one of the nicests guys you'll meet in mma. 

Shonie Carter= Mr O'hare International

Cool guy, fun to talk to in person

Nice! I agree, Shonie is straight chill and very approachable.

 Josh I never met Shonie you sir are a LIAR, but should I expect less from a Senator.

 I see what you did there....

LOL at you Josh!!!