My Father

He's very smart,alot of people don't see it,but thats because they don't know him,he once tried to get man to have a communion with him,that involved cooking food,but as mankind has done so many times,they screwed up and began burning the meat and wasting food,so Father changed things when he sent 'the update',with his firstborn and son,two cousins sent with a task each,one to foretell,one to fulfill,and both to change the sacrifice that man knew to a more important one at the time,a communion of cleansingness,and the baptisim of water,no more the sacrifice of animals,especially if they were going to burn the meat and not eat it.That's not what Father meant.

For when john and Jesus were walking and teaching and performing one part of their mission,which was to update mankind on where he had erred, there was alot of poor sanitation issues going around with Fathers people in those days,leprosy not being the only one,but Father in his genius,mended and took care,for john and Jesus did teach,that thou must be baptised in water,for washing yourself does a son good.

and isn't that just like the Father,caring and mending,for many generations,we have become set in a new way,and that is of bathing,for now to come home to the Father,you start by taking a bath.

Perhaps one day all will see the genius of the Father.

umm. PERIOD, please