My favorite Christmas beating.

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^ Gotta love that movie.."A christmas Story" ... watched it like 2 times yesterday ahahha

Anyways, that was a brutal beatdown by Ralphie!! Nice take down as well! I wonder if he did any MMA when he was younger lol

Complete domination of the taller boy's open guard. I was impressed by his ability to continue to rain down blows without showing signs of fatigue. The referee should have stepped in earlier, but then would run the risk of repeating Tito/Ken II.


Well i read in an interview somewhere that he trains so that he can mess people up from the guard. Basically, he didnt need to pass half-guard. I wonder if he takes xyience.

Ralphie via ref stoppage in the 1st!!!!....What skills!!!

just shows that you don't have to pass the half guard to get the win......he
must train at the miletich camp.....

^ I wouldn't be suprised if that's Pat himself.. o.0

Kimbo vs Ralphie. Has the potential for the most exciting fight of 2007 IMO

that just made by christmas lol. that was pure baby fedor on nog

I love that part. Best part of the movie by far.