My Favorite Knife

I use different grips depending on what I’m doing with the knife.

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I use this method when cleaning my toe nails.

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Now that you mention it, that would be a great toe knife!


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Yup, a choil it is. Lightly chamfered and deep enough to be safe and secure without creating a stress point. Works great for choking up close.

I’ll post some pics tomorrow.

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You ask, I oblige.

This one will be up for grabs tomorrow at 6PM EST!

This one is the XL model. A bit longer in both directions and thicker for harder use. Natural Canvas Micarta with chamfered shoulders.


Not sure how that happened lol

What’s the difference in blade length between the normal and XL?

Bout a 1/4" in both directions and 1mm in terms of height. Definitely the better of the two for those with bigger hands.

I wear a size L glove and the regular model suits my hand slightly better.

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I thought my knife was your favorite knife

That’s ever-changing. The only constant is, it’s never a knife I own lol.

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Since we are doing show and tell…


The grip on the Randall is fucking excellent btw. Besides coming out like a damned Van Gogh, its incredibly well done and true to the design handles like a dream.

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Thank you sir! You’ve actually got the whole gamut of my handle shaping done there. Chamfered, fully rounded and fully contoured from left to right.

The full contour on the Loveless is the best in my opinion. Melts right into the hand and indexes like a peach.

I got half a mind to take today off and just do the raffle at 6.

A bad propane tank almost cost me everything yesterday. Fucking thing had a busted seal at the valve. As anyone with a propane forge knows, when you first turn your tank on, you hear a very loud hiss from your burners before you light them.

The normal hiss covered up the sound of the leak coming from the valve on the tank. The only reason I noticed the valve was bad was the piece of tape that I keep on my regulator. I saw it fluttering FAST. Had that tape not been there to warn me, the whole fucking shop could’ve gone boom.

Safety fucking first, people. I know we’ve got a number of OGers trying their hands at knives. Safety first. Shit is not a game. Don’t lose your home or your life to something preventable. The most important part of this work is fire safety. Take it seriously.



Hank Hill Smh GIF


Ha! I don’t know why old Hank didn’t come to mind until now.

To be honest, at first I thought my propane accessories might be to blame lol. Stripped down my regulator, took the o ring off the nipple(that sounds hot), cleaned everything and put it pack together. Still hissing.

Took the tank under a bright shop light and sure enough, the interior portion of the valve was all jacked up.

Glad my safety measure was in place, but that shit is still scary to think about.

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No doubt. I’ve changed a lot of bbq tanks in my day, and never had a regulator fail. Surprised it doesn’t happen more often

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Holy shit. Very glad to see you caught that shit and didn’t go boom boom.

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He mighta gone a lil boom boom

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