My favorite KO....................

Mo Smith vs Kazinari "spelling"
The fake with the left the BLAST with the right.


Looked like some shit from Mike Tyson's punch out. He fell flat on his teeth.

My favourite knock out.... :)

yeah he was forrest griffin

That was an absolutely phenomenal fight too! The ref stood them up (probably inactivity, don't remember exactly) - and Horn just walks over and blasts him with that high kick. Great stuff!!!

Looking forward to the DVD release of that one. I don't have DISH so I missed out on the ppv.

While we're talking ko's, one of my all time favorites is still the Igor-Bueno ko. Of course Cro-Cop-Igor wasn't too bad either. What goes around comes around I guess.

Was it Rizzo that nailed Coleman? Man, that was a baaad KO.

Lg that was Pete Williams.My favortie is the Tito KO of Tanner because Tanner was supposed to be a badass and then was KO'ed via slam!

"That was a good one, Kazinari whole body spun around."

He was paralyzed for several hours after the punch. It literally looked like he got shot point-black in the face.

(UFC) Brad vs. Steve (Judson) still looks NASTY... has video of Mo v Kaz KO!

I still really like pulver/john lewis because he was still kicking after the KO, and Bang/Shad Smith because it was systematic and devastating.

HOw about my kick vs. Curtis Stout?


Arona vs. Jackson (greatest slam ever)

Goodridge vs. Yvel (one-kick-to-the-head KTFO)

Judson vs. Koehler (one punch did the trick)

Francisco "Pojitsu" Bueno vs. Igor Vovchanchyn (one punch KTFO followed by THREE more as he fell and bounced off the canvas)

Rampage vs. Wanderlei (19 shots to the head between punches, knees, and soccer kicks until ref stepped into an out-of-it Jackson. Jackson gets official award for hardest head in the MMA biz, followed by Minotauro's 2nd place taking CRO-COP's left kick to the head and not being KTFO)

Mezger vs. Wanderlei (Punch. Mezger turns into rubber. Collapses against the corner.)

Saku vs. Wanderlei III (the most perfect 1-2 combination I've ever seen. Instant knockout.)

Todd Medina vs. Wanderlei (Wanderlei viciously knees the shit out of Medina until it's over)

Mike Van Arsdale vs. Wanderlei (By soccer kick a.k.a. "Tiro de merda.")

Coleman vs. Pete Williams (square kick between the nose and upper lip of Coleman. Coleman collapses with his eyes still open in shock)

Nelmark vs. Abbott (hahaha!)

"Twitching Hawaiian" vs. Abbott (hard-hitter bad boy puts Hawaiian on "queer street" and Hawaiian stays on the mat twitching like a poisoned dog before they call in the paramedics)

Vovchanchyn/Aleksander Emilianenko vs. Cro-Cop (Vovchanchyn was trading hard with Cro-Cop until he met Cro-Cop's left leg. Same for Aleksander, except he went down faster).

Crop-Cop vs. Randleman (Randleman fisted the shit out of Cro-Cop after huge left connected on his face. Hammer-fisted him, that is...)

Kazunari vs. Smith (sweet fake ending with straight right that seemingly glued Kazunari to the canvas.)

SO many good KOs... but there are much better, exciting fights out there than kockouts IMO. We're not even talking about K-1 knockouts.

One of my fav's is when Rizzo stunned Barnett and wound up his punch and knocked him out. That was a great KO.






That fight between Mo and Kazunari was awesome.

Liddell KOing Mezger was brutal.

Rizzo-Arslovski was a good one as well. Andrei was doing pretty well for himself in that one until Rizzo caught him with a big right. It actually made Arslovski's eyes bleed...It wasn't a cut mind you, it looked like his actual eyes were bleeding.

Shelby Walker KO over Angela Wilson :05 of Rd. 1 from Ring of Fury 3 in Boston at the Avalon. Excellent example of how jiu jitsu alone is not enough anymore...even if you're fighting a pretty girl.

the first right that blasts Wilson is AWESOME!