My favorite Muhammad Ali highlight

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The movement, the hand speed, the punching accuracy, the footwork. My favorite HW eva!

Anyone who hasn't seen the Box set of Muhammed Ali "The Whole Story"

is in for a treat.

It's classic.

Who is a better boxer, Muhammad Ali or Gray Maynard?

pretty cool song, too

Gray Maynard?! WTF? Lol

agreed w/immaculata!

Even before I clicked on the thread I knew it would be this vid... amazing highlight.

the greatest !!

the greatest !!

Awesome - thank you for posting that. Just an FYI - anyone (boxing fan or not) who has not seen When We Were Kings should go find it as soon as possible.

when we were kings is cool. i own it =)

Definitely the Greatest!!!

Not only is the Ray Robinson one of a better boxer, its a better highlight too.

I love Sugar Ray Robinson!

^ The you'll lose your mind over this:;feature=related

Hell yea, man! Great HL. Ali always said that he was the best HW but he NEVER hesitated to say that Sugar Ray Robinson was the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

Awesome stuff, thanks.

its all good