My favourite part of Fight Day

I absolutely loved the scene where Renzo is trying to lay down and stay relaxed before his fight.

Then all of a sudden these thunder like cracks start ripping through the room. Renzo looks around and see's Silva laying into the thai pads and cringes every time Vanderlai connects.

Great scene.


I made the thread because I thought it was an interesting part of the film and this is a MMA forum.

I personally would never have come across this film if someone else hadn't made a Smashing Machine thread in which they described seeing Ricco get KO'd by Bas.

So I thought I would do the same. Add in what I liked about an MMA documentary on the off chance that it would also appeal to someone else.

How that is gay I don't know, but whatever dude. Keep replying so a thread that you hate stays on top.

I like the scene when Renzo is going through all of the pictures, and he shows one of him surfing some nasty wave and says, "I tried to go surfing last year and I almost drowned"

That was cool well, spg.

And lol @ AliGJr posting more than anyone on this thread.

I agree Extendo that was an awesome scene.

where might one find this video?

Saltyballs, Fight Day is an extra on the Smashing Machine DVD.

AliGJr. what was your old screen name?

Wow, did this thread ever get cleaned up.

TTT to the mods for deleting the unnecessary BS. You guys get a lot of crap for deleting, in this case very appropriate.

In the extras you have:

Fight Day.

Renzo vs. Oleg.

Growing up Gracie.

Bas knocking out Ricco.

Plenty of other little tidbits. Great DVD.

"What happened to all of my insights?"

Insults, IMO.

Welcome back though.

""What happened to all of my insights?"
Insults, IMO.

Welcome back though."

I agree, and yes, big time cleanup. Be constructive, or be deleted by a moderator.

The Smashing Machine has been found in most places online, and also at Blockbuster stores, if you were wondering. I happily own it, and it was a good buy, IMO.