My fight is not happening

I released this news on my website, since some of you can't seem to ever leave the UG

I am going to pull out of the fight with Roy Nelson. As many of you know I have been having some back pain. I had an MRI yesterday and I have some damage that may really require surgery. If the doctors do not have to perform surgery then I will be out 8-12 weeks. If they do have to perform surgery I do not know how long I will be out of action.

I was really looking forward to fighting again and obviously this is a very disappointing turn of events. My manager said "You can't fight the best fighters in the world with just heart, it is time to stop limping to the top of the mountain and get healthy so you can climb it on your terms." I have been up all night thinking about this decision and what I may be missing by making it.

In the end my family and manager are right. I owe myself, I owe my fans the best show I can give them. I need to get healthy. I am going to be speaking with the surgeon this week about the surgery. My thoughts are if the surgery fixes it why add 8-12 weeks of physical therapy, epidurals and traction if surgery may still be needed.

The good news is the doctors said I can work on my cardio (they must have seen my last fight lol) with this injury.

This is a hard decision but the right one and I home #TeamCarwin can stand by me through this period of my career. No one wants to get me back to winning more than me. I just need to be healthy to do it.

This type of thing is MMA. I know I am saying that a lot but it is the truth. We sacrifice our minds and bodies on our own time and our own dimes to prepare for battle. in hopes that we get the call for battle. In that process things can go wrong and if we don't compete we don't get paid. The time, money and sacrifices are lost and your opportunity might pass you by. Some fighters choose to fight injured as the risk is worth any part of the reward they may receive.

This is why sponsors who support fighters outside of when they fight are critical to this sports success. This is why I am always thanking my sponsors.

If it wasn't for my sponsors I would not be where I am and I surely would not able to make this very difficult decision right now. Thank you Dethrone, Budlight, Good4UDrinks, and for your continued support. Thank you to my other sponsors and to all of those helping us fighters chase this dream of being a Champion.

Thank you to Jason Genet for being able to make sure that all of my efforts in and out of the ring have value. You and your team have done so much for me and my family words cannot describe how grateful we are.

To my fan's, we will get there and in the end this is all for you. I hope to continue to entertain you and interact with you as much as possible.

somebody just posted about it.. get healthy Shane. Best of Luck!

 Just read the post. Sorry to hear it. Best wishes on your recovery. BTW, I always use your URL shortener, so thanks.

Good luck with recovery 

Get well soon Shane, we'll be here to support you along the way.

 Good luck with it Shane.

Damn, good luck Shane.

Nelson vs Noguiera anyone?

Bummer. Get better soon, Shane.

Good luck. Tough break.

I feel your pain Shane.


Take care of your back,  you only get one.

Good luck, Shane. I want you to get better to see you face off with either Cain or JDS.

My boss had a back surgery and he was out for a while, had a hard time moving. It is a year later and he is a lot better. Granted he had to have three lower discs removed because they disintegrated and had some gel put in that would calcify and turn to bone and get his spine screwed in 6 places throughout the process.

Yours doesn't sound as complicated, but it will definitely test you willpower.

Damn, sorry to hear that Shane. Get well soon!

 Get better and come back strong!

Good luck, back problems suck. Phone Post


Any opinions on who you would like to face in your come back fight? What did you think of Brendan Schaub's performance and his future in the HW division?

Best of luck and get healthy Shane.

Get better man.

I don't know who this Shane Carwin noob is, but use the search function buddy! ;-)

Just kidding.

Sorry to hear about it. Best of luck coming back to the first man who exposed Brock!

good luck. hope you come back better than ever.

Take care of the ol back dude, and when you come back hopefully you can finish that beating you gave swock.

 Hope it goes well for you man.