My fight pics ! (if bluen. could..

...please help a brutha out...

I'm the dude with short hair.

*struts around*

where was this?

ttt for shooters, sprawl and anders!!!!

Looks like the guy has his thumb in your eye? Congrats!

"Looks like the guy has his thumb in your eye"

that is a deadly technique

Thanx guys for helping out !

this was an event called european vale tudo II "hazard" in Stockholm, Sweden, an event that I like to think will be one of the big ones within a few years. Mezger and Lutter has fought in the event Mod LarsB has also fought in EVT and will fight Shannon the cannon in the same promotion. Guy I'm fighting in the pics is a tough swedish BJJ bluebelt named Christian Dellevåg. You can check out

For more pics and contact with matchmakers etc.

thanks again !

Thanks for the pics

congrats...nice pics

Good pics. And like matmovement said, which one are you?

"I'm the dude with short hair." - Androushka

Nice job Anders!!!  Please send me an email with your address and size.  We would like to send you something to congratulate you on your victory.


Hey that's so cool ! Your shorts were all over the place at EVT and let me say; they are excellent, and so was the service when I ordered them (got the size wrong and had to send them back for another). Real quick and fairly cheap. You got mail. Keep up the good work !

// androushka


ttt (even though it's not cool on your own thread )


I am fighting Lars B. May 22 in Denmark.

Shannon "The Cannon"

Thats awesome man.

Who do you train with and what did you do to get ready for the fight?


Looking sharp Anders!

ShinobiApollo: I train with August Wallén and the swedish shootfighting-organization. You can read about it at I lifted according to Pavels power to the people and cardiotrained with ballistic dumbell-drills, much like the kind that Mike mahler advocates (but I don't have any kettlebells).

BOBBYDANGER : Thanks man, Heard about your shitty luck, that sucks, hope you'll be back soon. But I guess watching shooto was ok too ?

I wasn't scared going into the fight, at one point I was scared the dr would throw me out cause of nose-blood. That would've sucked so bad.

// androushka