My fight pics ! (if bluen. could..

After 30 matches in amateur MMA events (Shootfighting) i don't think Anders was scared going into the fight, in fact sometimes i think he might be to calm. So for him to fight pro i think was the right call, gives him a new spark!!

Stay Sharp my friend!

Shooters on a mission! =)

Green Anders (Shooters MMA) to the mofo Top!!

Ookami: yep ! The dreaded Lupus-slow-start-syndrome, that's gotta go.... Hey Lars, hope you're back in training, I know you'll give the cannon something to think about, that fight'll kick so much ass ! how do I go green ? I tried to leave a message on the help-page but I haven't had any response.

The wolfpack hunts on !

// androushka

ttt to the wolf mofo pack!!!

TTT good pics man!


Holy shit ! I found a new pic, I guess now Steve@sprawl'll want his stuff back !


// androushka

Muhahahaha!! Ye olde Block the knee with the solid chin technique :)