My fight vs robert drysdale

So I fought drysdale yesterday afternoon and fight was going not too bad. Felt comfortable in there even with him on my back and all. Stood up from the ground with him still on my back to wear his legs out but unfortunately he started twisting the grip he had on my chin and as our weight shifted my knee blew out. Dr told me yesterday mostly torn acl and mcl but believe your ass I will be back better then ever and at 185!!! This was still a great experience for me and now it's just moving forward. Thanks to everyone who supports me and the other fighters as well cuz like they say anything can happen and usually will happen and this was just one of those things .

Best wishes on your recovery!

It was a nasty looking injury. Good luck with the recovery! Phone Post 3.0

The way you fell on that knee looked brutal man. Hope you have a quick and full recovery. No shame in losing to a beast like Drysdale.

Sorry to hear about your injury, man. You were fighting off that neck crank hard and I thought he was about to give up on it before the injury happened. Phone Post 3.0

Good luck with the recovery tore my acl and mcl years ago and had a long road back. Just keep your head up and keep grinding.

No shame in getting subbed by Robert Drysdale. And even moreso when you take into account you blew your leg out trying to avoid that. Good luck in the road to recovery.

Hoping for a full recovery and fast.

Yeah the tap was definitely from my knee n not the choke but it is what it is thank u guys so much for ur best wishes guys I appreciate it. N they say this place only has douche bags in it any more lol

Get better Phone Post 3.0

Best of wishes. Heal quickly! Phone Post 3.0

You showed some pretty solid sub defence last night, that was a nasty neck crank you got out of.  Heal up fast, and get back out there and fuck some people up!

Speedy recover dude!!! Phone Post 3.0

Having your knee get blown out is not a "great experience" but I wish you all the best. Rest up and get back in there!! Phone Post 3.0

Kirik - 

Hoping for a full recovery and fast.


Keep your head up man... that looked like it hurt

Crappy that the outcome was due to an injury like that. Best wishes for a quick recovery. Phone Post 3.0

That fuckin blows, literally!!  Sorry to hear about your knee man. With a great doctor and surgon you'll be back on your feet soon, I should know. - 342 days post torn ACL, 328 post surgery.  Never been in better shape in my life.


This one's for you brudda!

Best of luck in the future man, thanks for the fight!! Phone Post 3.0

Damn. All the best man ! Phone Post 3.0