My Fight with Karo

Joe Lauzon vs Karo?

There have been rumors flying around about my next fight, and who it will be against. I posted in a Tito Ortiz chat room that I may be fighting Karo Parisyan, and the rumors made it over to and other major MMA websites. Everyone has been asking about it... from kids running up to the me in a movie theatre to guys asking my trainers at their jobs. I couldn't comment on it until now. Click the link below and get the full scoop.

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Please do not directly paste the whole article...


Also, lol @ studying Burrito Consumption under BJ. :P

Wow, this should be an interesting fight.


whiskey tango foxtrot?

It was a good run man.....

Bastard got me...

Your corner will never get licensed...


Joe Lauzon is a master self-promoter. I do not mean that in a pejorative sense, either. He is a master.

BIG Baby Joe fan here!

man, I can see you taking a pretty bad beating but props for stepping up in weight.

It's shitty how the UFC is treating Karo.

BTW, are you serious Joe? Kool Aid Man might burst through the cage if you're in trouble.

You got me Joe, I should always read down to the last line. Lesson learned. :/

This place never ceases to amaze me...

You can double leg him Joe.

seriously? Karo?

Well, good luck. I hate the fact that Karo isnt getting a Hughes, Koshcheck, or the like. UFC is wasting him. This should be a good fight though. exciting.

They should've made Nate Diaz fight Karo so Nate could "find out who Karo is." I was sure the UFC liked you Joe but this seems to say otherwise but after the Pulver fight I don't doubt you can pull off another upset.

Oh Yeahhhhh!

Although I think McGruff the Crime Dog would be a better referee.

LOL at most of you guys not bothering to read the link, or even worse, not being smart enough to figure out that it's obviously a joke. The Easter Bunny is already under license by Strikeforce, there's no way he can ref for UFC.

So are you fighting him or not?

I checked the link, your website is pretty cool. I can't wait to see you fight live in NJ whoever you fight.