Me not being able to add this cuz of my status...I just found My fight in Dallas for the DFC...Decent I guess check it out...By the way if ya peep my record on FC fighter IS NOT CORRECT...I have 15 or 16 unlisted fights..I am 23-5 all together...Just letting ya know if it matters..
peep it at thanks a LOT YA'LL haha!



I'm so sorry fellas it BAD

Johnny Hughes vs Alex Suits

Johnny Hughes vs Alex Suits
Uploaded by Evilmaster

To Download (16MB): Click Here


Contact: to get your green name.

JOHNNY HUGHES...I'm a dumbass....didnt give ya all the details...

ECC170...Ripping on my opponents records last week on here. You should be ashamed of yourself. LOL.. I told you. Many of my opponents records are not updated on I wish i could get peeped. 23-5= Great record. Peace, Jason Reinhardt

Awesome fight, Johnny! Enjoy your green name very soon =)

Sherdog has you listed as 2-3.FCFighter has you at 2-3.You have yourself at 23-5,there is defianetly a mix up somewhere.

I was told there would be no math

My am. and pro Record 23-5...I know my record and listen to the commentators on my fight I won 6 in a row up till then...I'm not pipen my own horn just showin ya my fight...See ya soon doin big things...Hater mess GoodBye...thanks boyz...

My pro Record is 9-2..that corey garner loss was a Am. loss in New Castle Extreme combat challenge in 06 not a fist of fury...just fillin ya in...TTT

ttt good fight Johnny.

Thanks A LOT EVIL...Hopefully more TO COME!



Damn can i get some love on here ECC170, I agree that was a nice fight, but then you did have yours truly one of the toughest guys at 125 and the quickest hands in the midwest in your corner and walking around in the background after your victory. What's up bro.

"Ping Pong"

HAHA...TTT for Pong FOOL HAS SICK HANDS...I remember who warmed me up...Cant wait till your home and in the CAGE again...get at me bro....

HOW do you get you green name? I know I gotta contact Kirik but how do I do that?...much appreciated if someone filled me in!