My fighter has Down's but is over 18...

 Why cant he fight MMA? the state of Floirda has told me he will NEVER have a pro MMA fight. He is 1-1 as an ammy (ISKA) and won a novice grappling tourney. Aleks doesnt eat glue or chew through walls but honestly he wont work at NASA anytime soon.

He is diagnosed with Down's Syndrome but holds a Publix job and has trained for 2 years with me.  My questions, why wouldnt he be approved for license if he is old enough to make his own decisions?

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 arent the laws different? like isnt being 18 not enough if u have down's? maybe a guardian approval?

 Aleks is Russian also with a lisp. Hes speech along with social norms do not help him be accepted.

If this is not a troll, the answer is that fighting without your facalties is exploitive.

 All jokes aside this is why we have Athletic Commisions to protect people.  You really think he can afford any more brain damage?  That Kyle dude with no arms or legs shouldn't have gotten a fight either.

 Disco, Aleks has thick skin and is a lurker on here. He gae me approval to post but come on man...

Mike, it is the AC's job to protect the state from liabilty. If your student got injured in a fight, I can't imagine the consequnces.

 Yes, I've been around Downs people volunteering at the special olympics and when you see a 35 year old man lose his shit getting excited over a 5th place (out of 5) trophy and a teddy bear as a prize...obviously one would not think they were of a capable mindset to enter a pro fight.  I would say no if I was the one deciding also, just my opinion.  I can see where this kid could be different and you being biased after working with him.

Not being 100% sure of just exactly what Down's is, I looked it up.

You aren't funny if this is a joke, and you really need to take a look at yourself in the mirror if this isn't a joke.

On a 1-10 scale of retardation, I would say Aleks is a 2 or something.

Tom Lawlor - On a 1-10 scale of retardation, I would say Aleks is a 2 or something.

 Wait...what's the 1 and the 10 on the retard scale?  Is 1 like almost not retarded at all and 10 being full? 

I'm assuming 2 is like almost not retarded if he can read the OG.

I say let em fight! Phone Post

I am happy to hear this kid is able to train and grapple. But I would not want to see him in an actual fight. Phone Post

 2 is very mild imo....

I have met people who have fought in the UFC who I would classify as a 9 or 10 as well=)

Probably because if he's mentally handicapped, the state has ruled that he is incapable of making this decision on his own. 

As a libertarian, I'm torn. I want people to have freedom, but I am also fearful that there are people who ARE severely mentally handicapped and could be essentially forced into things like this without understanding what they're doing.

I'm certainly not trying to say that you're forcing him to do anything, by any means, but just that there are other people who would definitely do it to make money. 


Tough question. I think you would need to trust medical counsel on this.

 Too much...

I think training is awesome.

I am not sure I would ok it either, for liability reasons.

i do think Aleks deserves a fair hearing on the matter.

Good luck Aleks...keep training.

 Im checking this between classes. Aleks is here and said he would be up to take a picture and let you see what you think. I dont think that is a good idea with some of you assholes out there and honestly see nothing to be gained.  I have however toldhim I would post what he asked. Do you guys think its worth the time to see his picture?

How does a photo allow us to gauge his mental capabilities?