My first K-1...

I've been to all the big US MMA shows (I'd kill to see pride in person) and I must say this was a better show than any MMA event I've been to. Not to say K-1 is better than MMA because it's not. Not even close. Guys leaning on each other because they can't throw or take down is weak. And I missed ground work.

That being said, the event is better set up and the vibe was incredible. My friend (who doesn't know much about either sport) pointed out the hip hop element brought in by the fighters and promoters. The whole thing the UFC tried with their record label but never seemed to accomplish, K-1 has in spades. I always hated the idea of the Japanese pro wrestling element in the sport but I loved it.

The Bob Sapp fight was a work. If you disagree, feel free. I saw it up close and it was a work.

Cung Lee is a fucking super star. This guy could be the next (dare I say it) Bruce Lee. The crowd was in awe of him. If you didn't see the fight, find a copy just to see this scissor take down that was amazing. The guy he was fighting was game to, and he just fought with a style I've never seen any ware.

That must have been fun, I agree on the UFC music being ca ca, Zuffa should let the fighters have their own music, it's a way of expressing who they are in a musical way....

Too bad they feel they have to protect Sapp instead of allowing whoever deserves it to win...... sheesh

Cung was fighting Brian Warren. How did he do? We were trying to get out there to cover it but we were all streatched thin as it was!

Thanks for the info!

Scott Proffitt


Being a MMA fan first, I knew nothing about Cung. I still don't really. He was the last superfight and was fighting Warren who appeared to have a size advantage. Warren is also a tough fighter I'm very familiar with, so I really didn't know what to expect. The first round was slow, but Cung felt him out and started to put on a show. With Sapp, it was obvious they set him up for a victory; with Cung they gave him a VERY game fight. That being said, by the end of the fight Cung did things I'd never seen. Stuff that looked like something out of a karate movie. Which impressed me all that much more because he did it against Warren.

Someone else called the Lee stuff "bs", maybe it translated better live, but BJ Penn was standing behind me during the Lee fight and guys were howling. I'd pick BJ over him in an MMA fight, but the put on a show.

I too was there, and it was a great event. There was also a whos who of mma fighters there.


Where were your seats? I flew over with Royce. Spoke to him for awile in the airport. And BJ said he's moving to K-1. He was supposed to speak but it went long. I hope they really utilize BJ. After the Hughes fight I can't wait to see him again.


My seat was in ringside, row f. If you were standing where Tito was facing the ring, I was to his left. Yes, it was great hanging with all the fighters, all of whom were very cool to their fans. I was there to see my 'bro Sean McCully from LA Boxing fight as an alternate, and also had the opportunity to say hi to Marco Ruas, who I have trained with in the past. What was Royce doing there, is he planning on a superfight for K-1?