My first live MMA event=UFC 49!!!!

I am so excited that I will be attending UFC 49 "UNFINISHED BUSINESS" live! I bought my airline tickets today. I am buying a $35 ticket for the event in a few days. I will be spending a week in San Diego with my brother and attending some BJJ classes at Harris International with him. Then we are going to drive out to Vegas for UFC 49, stay at the Stratosphere Hotel&Casino and spend the weekend there, then it's back to my brothers house in San Diego to watch PRIDE FC: FINAL CONFLICT 2004 on PPV. This will be by far the best vacation I have ever been on. This will be my first live MMA event, I can't wait! I flew out to San Diego last year to visit my bro and attend a BJJ summer camp at Harris International, that was awesome...but the fact that I am going to a UFC event blows last years trip out of the water.

Envy runs through my veins......have a good time man!

thats great bud, i wish i was going.

See you there...

I have been to about fivve live UFC's prepare to have
an awesome time as I will be also

"I will be spending a week in San Diego"

where at?

Roy Harris is a great instructor.. tell Alicia attacko
said hi

hell ya, sounds like a good trip

Do yourself a favor, get it on PPV enjoy the fights much more and save your ticket/event money to go party with the fighters afterwords.

You'll have a blast! Take your camera!

SD Cartel, I can't remember what the name of my brother's apartment complex's preety nice though. It's about 15 minutes away from Harris International where he trains. He actually competed in the submission wrestling tournament you guys recently had at CITY BOXING.

I was going to buy a $75 ticket, but then I read that because of the way the MGM Grand arena is designed every seat in there is a good seat, so I deceided to just buy a $35 ticket.

you're one lucky sob

Wear a condom.

Got the $350 seat...hope it was worth it.

I'm seriously thinking about going...$350 has got to be down front, right?

Never been to Vegas at all, so it should be cool.

Yeah, I have Row G, which is 7 rows back. I got them as soon as they went on sale, though.


It's going to be AWESOME!

enjoy. unfotunately i am in NY and have long waits for the UFC to venue at mohegan sun or in A.C.. I was at 45 and it was a great night. gambling, drinking and MMA!!! cant beat it. have a blast

Shit yeah, sounds like well planned weekend. If you love MMA, you'll love it even more after you see a live event, especially the UFC. It's a modern day gladiator match.

See you there, I am in section 216U.

i think you should wear a big TIMMYDOME sign.