My first MMA article

 I am sincerely sorry for attention whoring, but this is a big moment for myself, my parents, the greater Twin Cities area and the entire 1992 graduating class of Coon Rapids Senior High School. 

The website was scouring the UG for writers the other day, and a fellow there was kind enough to post something I threw together.  It's my first article and may be my last.  Regardless, the site looks very promising and is looks to be designed professionally.  Please support them with a click.



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 The article was inspired by a discussion on another member's troll thread not long ago

What’s With Training UFC?

October 22, 2009 by mmafans  

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Contributor: 2JupitersTooMany. Unlike sports like basketball, or even hockey in Texas, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts used to be illegal. That means that at least a handful of proud supporters spent some time ducking from shadow to shadow to support the sport when it was a bit sexier and unsavory. Of course, it wasn’t called Mixed Martial Arts back then. It was Pankration, or the Gracie Challenge, or No-Holds-Barred or just something along the lines of Come To My Garage and We’ll Beat the Hell Out of Larry. But, eventually, along came the UFC...  (see link above)

cliff notes?

Train UFC?


/end article

 LOL........... you worked sun-starved Morlocks into the mix. Strong work my fren-Coon Rapid High would be proud!-MM

Thanks GoldenRule and MM. May both of you trane abundantly.

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i predict 100+ pages!

buckles in for the ride

Nicely written!


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 see!!! its totally blowin up, just needed to let it fester....... like my inner rage-MM

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" But for purposes of this little e-treatise, the timing isn’t important."



Ain't gonna lie-- I had to look the word "treatise" up! Well written, but I was expecting more of the kind of humor that makes you YOU on the UG. I love that stuff=)