My first MMA fight (Video)

Not sure how I embed the video as the HTML editor never seems to load for me anymore.

I wrote a brief description of the video on the MySpace page.

dude......I would say you won.Awesome job!And thanks for postin the vid for us


UK1 - Neil Allen -vs- Stephen Elliott

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I thought the guy in the red shorts won!!


As you can see, my weak ass couldn't even finish an armbar. LOL - I was experimenting slightly, seeing if improved diet and increased cardio would effect my weight much.

A week from the fight I was feeling pretty weak so I checked my weight and it was 69KG. I realised then that perhaps next time I should fight at 70KG rather than 77KG!

You would think that the ref would tell that cornerman to stop hitting the ring. Good fight, I would call it a draw, but you definetly did a good job consdering you were fighting at a weight class higher than yours.

I did the same thing a week or so ago. I weighed in at 147 and my fight was at 150 lbs. My opponent weighed in at 154 and had to cut weight, even though he had been cutting weight all day anyways. I cut no weight, so I walked in about 147 and he was probably about 160 or so.
My fight vid. I'm the tall skinny guy. lol

great fight kid, be proud.

props to opponent as well

ring was smallest thing ive ever seen!

Yeah, the ring was tiny. I can strike but had an injured shin and didn't train Muay Thai for 3-4 weeks leading up to the fight, plus you don't have a whole lot of room in that ring, it's easy to just grapple.

The second round I was pretty tired, I really struggled to pass guard and just got stuck in his guard for a while. If I had a little more composure and wasn't so close to the ropes I think I could have done it.

I'm probably going to do Muay Thai next, in a bigger ring :-)

Hopefully next time I'll win!


MySpace video has stopped working.

Any tips on finishing armbars from the guard?

In training I get them but rarely pull them, I just would go to something else - never realised how much I suck at finishing until then!

I would put the tack on you. Your overall game is weak. But good job winning the fight.

Twick, I've no idea what you mean by putting the 'tack' on me.

I know it's a shitty fight but we've all gotta start somewhere!

So you are saying that you did not win that fight?
You were the guy with the black stripe shorts?
If you were the guy attempting the subs I think you should have won. The other guy didnt do as much as you.
You had sub attempts, take downs, a nice sweep some ground and pound. The other guy only started to connect on you during the last 30 seconds of the second round.