my first raw since i decided to be a fan again

sandmans title belt thread and forum has sparked my interest again. i got a new dvr so im going to be following everything from now on and commenting more on this board...

and goddamn did that episode blow. the fact that it was a show and not a wrestling program became very clear to me as shawn micheals came out and bitched for whatever fucking reason then next thing i know its the hour mark and i realize i had watched about 12 mins of wrestling. vikcy guerro is an actress? edge gets shitted on then left to dwell in the backround as cenas music plays? jerhico is finished after being distracted by flairs music cue? really?

reminded me of the new star wars movies trying to recapture lost glory yet failing miserbaly 70% of the time but still pulling some cool ass shit in that 30%.

im fucking miserable.

i know the feeling, watching raw waiting to see some wrestling and then BAM the shows over. The ending sucked this week

Since you have a DVR now, check out AWA on ESPN Classic at Midnight on week nights.