My first request....and second. In one thread.

I am bummed out about many current comic arcs, and am feeling deflated about one of my favorite

I have two favorite books from when I was a young man favorites for different reasons.

#1 - Elektra 8 part mini from the 80's. The first book that really grabbed me primarily for the writing. The stylized artwork and iconic covers sealed the deal. I own this series and love every single one of the issues. Can someone post it here?

#2 Marshal Law. The Epic 80's series of 6. My first exposure as a kid to an anti-hero as the main character, and aside from Mad Max movies my first hook with stories based in a dystopian setting. People love or hate the artwork. I love it. It works so well with the story and characters and I wouldn't change a thing. Similar in that regard to Dillon's recent run with Punisher Max. Can someone post that here?

Thank you GG brethren, I appreciate all of you!

Hello Hemlock,

I have that Elektra mini, but I have to find where I have it saved (either on one of many HD's or on one of many cd's/dvd's)

With that said, I thought it was already posted by DeadAgain?

If no one posts it, I will once I find where I have it.

Re: Marshal Law - I may or may not have. Will look for you and again, if no one else posts it and I have it, will post.

Thank you Stick - love me some GG


You guys just never disappoint. Thank you very much!

Magnificent. Thank you once again.

it's all DA! he's da best!!