my first Sledgehammer workout

been loosely following Ross' 50 day program. Acutally i'm only on day 3. But i did my first sledgehammer finisher yesterday.

16lbs hammer for 100 swings. Alternate 5 left and 5 right.

Not bad. I liked it. I've done harder things but its a nice finisher. I can really feel the obliques and how it feels like an overhand punch. I can see how it makes you a harder puncher.

I'm using a regular sized tire i found on the side of the road. If you hit the side of the tire closes to you it bounces away a little. Hit the side of the tire farthest from you. It will move less.

Also my hammer cost me $40 from Homedepot. not a bad investment.

I use a garden hoe in a motion not touching the ground or a dirt digger. its pretty heavy

Rig up a tire so you can hit it at chest height and swing on the horizontal plane. Really good for activating your hips like you would with punching.