My first time getting high

The dumpster food thread made me think of my first time getting high.

Me and three of my friends conspired to getting high in eighth grade. The source of the weed was one of their dads. He was a science teacher in my junior high.

So one kid said his dad had marijuana and we were intrigued. I had a moped, and gave another friend a ride over to the kid's house. The third kid lived in the neighborhood. The dad was gone to I don't know where.

The kid showed us a safe, opened it, and it was full of weed and bags of white powder.

We got stoned on his dad's weed, and we were hungry. Since I had a moped, they elected me to go get food. I took one of the other kids with me.

Before we left, we took the kid's house key with us, then we went to a hardware store, had a copy made, and then went to get food.

We went to a gas station, got fried chicken, potato wedges, and burritos, then on the way home, parked on the side of the road and ate all of it. The other two were pissed off when we showed up with no food and explained how we ate it all in a stoned food massacre on the side of the road.

After that day, when there were school football games, we took the key that we had made and broke into their house and stole our teacher's weed. We broke in about 10 times before he changed his locks. Unfortunately, we didn't realize what those bags of powder were until he changed the locks. Phone Post 3.0

i'd say fortunately u didnt try the coke

ranier wolfcastle -

i'd say fortunately u didnt try the coke

If he would have, his name would be Right Nostril Blow Powder instead, haha, get it? Phone Post 3.0