My first UFC event 145 Bones vs Evans! Advice?

My badass gf got me tickets for valentines day so hopefully I will get to see Jones being handed his first loss (sadly doubt it) although im just happy to be going so i dont give a fuck who wins.

I just thought I'd see if anyone has any advice to give me. should I get drunk before or during the fights? Is shit expensive as hell? Turtleneck or tapout shirt?are the bathrooms yucky? You know, anything important u think I should know Phone Post

watch your cornhole

Make sure you look out for YouTube sensation trying to make love to the cage Phone Post

Great advice so far I'll be more than ready Phone Post

Your bound to see alot of famous people . I took a piss next to patrick cote and i was fuckin hammered lmao . Good times, just be ready to spend money . Everything is expensive for no reason . And be prepares to deal with retards who think they know mma . Phone Post

Well since you're in the South, make sure when there's a good ground battle going on inside the octagon, you BOO really loudly with everyone else. You don't wanna look like the asshole who doesn't know anything about fighting. So just boo your ass off, if there isn't a KO in the first 30 seconds. 

Pics of the girlfriend?

tits or GTFO!

You are gonna love the event man, nothing like it in the world.

The first time UFC came to Ohio my buddy and I splurged and paid for some good seats. I will never forget how loud the crowd roared when Randy knocked big Tim down in the 1st with that right hand.