My First UFC155 Blog


First Phone Post

Fucker! Phone Post

That was an uncanny resemblance.



Nice dogs

ttt for joe louzon

Good luck Joe! Phone Post

TTT for joe. Hey I thought that story about big Tim was cool and also what a dick for saying that to your bro. Phone Post

War Creepy Joe!! Phone Post

In for more vids of joes gf :p Phone Post

Awesome vlog. The Lauzon clan seems like a great bunch of people!

great vid. & love the dogs joe, I left my pits back home with my parents, after this next deployment I'll be sending for them. such loyal dogs.

bonerfart - 

We found out she was pregnant last friday on the day the day the world was supposed to end!


With all due respect.....Your world is about to end. =)

just kidding of course


Congratulations Boner fart

(Thats 3 words I never thought Id ever say in a sentence)

More vids of the puppahs please

Great Vlog!


One of my fav fighters!


Good luck!

did melvin autograph the posters right in the middle again?

24th!!! Phone Post