My First UFC155 Blog

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Fapped to this. I'd that wrong?! Phone Post

Go get 'em, Joe. Hard not to like Miller, but pulling for you big time on Sat night.


Boston will be watching!


War lauzon!! Phone Post

Love your work joe!!! Phone Post

Choke that man out Joseph. Because Mickey loves ya. Phone Post

absolutely cannot wait for this scrap!!
love the vids joe - go get 'em

I was raised in NY and bred to despise anything from Massachusetts...but god damn I love me some Joe Lauzon for some homo.

and Cheer's

I love some f'n Cheers

Always bet on Joe. I like Miller but I see him napping come end of the fight. Probably via RNC.

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Who's that hot chick in a hoodie that doesn't want to be filmed?

No idea who is going to win, and don't really care. Fans of both. I just know it's going to be an amazing fight. Probably FOTN because Cain vs JDS is probably ending in the 1st one way or the other.

Love these vblogs too... DW needs to put out more of them, and encourage the fighters to do more of them. Joe is ahead of the curve, smart guy. How hard is it to film with a cell phone?

Dan O'Connell - Who's that hot chick in a hoodie that doesn't want to be filmed?

Joe's fiancée Phone Post

Sub'd for later


Good luck sir. This fight will be epic Phone Post

JOE call out Nick Diaz after your win make this happen!<br

Blue please!

Nice Lookin dogs Phone Post

Loser Born Natural - Good luck Joe! Phone Post

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Hey Louzon,

How are you? I'm a huge fan of you! Good luck against Miller this Saturday, I hope everything goes well, and pull off another W. And hope you don't get injured(break an arm, whatever). You totally kick ass and are one of my favorite fighters! good luck man and thank you for this video, it's great for the fans, like me! you totally kick ass! good luck this saturday go kick some jim miller butt!

By the way, may i ask who you haev for this saturday's main event Cain or JDS and by how? Thank you!

Sincerely, your friend and fan,