My flinch response is to lean back

Hi tony,
just finished with your,suckerpunch,how to beat a garppler,and rage attacks tapes now I'm gonna order your SPEAR tapes next!
But since we're on line Tony my flinch response is to lean back.From your vast experience,what tactical reactive options do you advice I should experiment with?


Tony's busy away doing seminars, so if you don't mind, i'll take a stab at this.

Firstly, it is natural and behavorial to move away from stimulus introduced too quickly for our cognitive mind to identify. "Action is quicker then reaction"

To acquire the proper mindset to engage your threat, you should incorporate the "Emotional Climate Drill" into your training. If you have already watched the "Rage Attacks" video, you should have an understanding of how this drill works. In order to gain an appreciation, you must work with it and identify those moments when engaging is tactically sound. Remember however that sometimes the flinch will put you outside the proximity of the initial attack at which time you should engage.

I hope that this helped somewhat.