My friend finally banged his Crush

Normally I would be happy for the guy but the thing is we always told him she's not worth it.

We have all hit this girl and he was the last one to do so. Like there are 7 of us and he was the only one who really liked her. It only took the kid like 20 years to do so.

Well she told us he sucked in bed and he blamed it on Whiskey dick but we all were chilling yesterday and since it was world whiskey day we all were drinking it except him. He was sipping on his Mikes Hard Lemonade. We busted his balls but he said he didn't want to get too drunk. Now that I think about it I'm guessing he drank that so he could easier persuade her into sleeping with him.

This morning she told us all this and that he asked for a BJ. So feeling like she needed to she did. It was gummy as all hell from what she said. And I belive her. She sucked at giving BJs.

Well they maybe dating now but I feel bad for the kid. But hey the heart is a crazy thing.

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I assume this is a spin. Where's the original?

Ban all spins.

I only skimmed but I like it. Good thread title too.


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not bad


McSurly - Ban all spins.

Yes ! Haha


You might have garnered a decent score if you had bothered to post a pic. Alas you are just as lame as he is. Phone Post 3.0

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7/10 on substance

10/10 for spinning that thread Phone Post 3.0

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I think the OP had the original deleted, he was getting voted into Bolivia Phone Post 3.0

You sound like a crappy friend if you are not happy for him bagging a chick he likes.

... or you actually like her yourself.

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McSurly - Ban all spins.
I am now fully onboard with your mission. This is terrible. Phone Post 3.0

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