My friend's fiancé died.

My buddy was going to get married.  

He kept putting off the marriage because he wasn't sure he wanted to commit.  

Anyways. His fiancé died.  She got poisoned.  She was licking envelopes ajd got poisoned. 

Tell art vandelay sorry

Say wuh?


It's not a lie..... if you believe it 

Who purchased the envelopes?

Was there some kind of problem with the glue?  Were they still manufacturing the envelopes?



This is from a popular television program called Jerry Seinfeld.

Send him a block of cheese the size of a car battery. He'll be ok.

I bet your friend would just love to drape himself in velvet if it was socially acceptable...

double gold mookie!


you're OG gilded motherfuker

Well, let's get some coffee

North South - Well, let's get some coffee

you know, I think this qualifies as the most rational post I've seen on the OG in 10+ years

She's not really dead if we find a way to remember her

Although I am just a bear, this makes me a sad panda : (

He should start a foundation in her name.