My gawd these Russian women curlers

Just got back home from a night out.  Turn on the Olympics and started watching Canada v Russia curling.  Holy cow I want to go to Russia. 

In Soviet Russia, boner pop you!

Eggbert - First chic in the red and white "I must break you" Phone Post 3.0
LOL, VU Phone Post 3.0

I lost my virginity to a Russian curler, and now that's all I date.

Sexy AND they sweep the floor at Olympic levels of precision Phone Post 3.0

wow, watched them take on china the other day.

Watching them lose to Canada right now. Great Win/Win for me.

lol I hear ya GTT

Can they sweep up the kitchen too?

how hot is the canada team?

BigEyedFish -

In Soviet Russia, boner pop you!

Lol Phone Post 3.0

I hate how Jennifer Jones (Canadian skip) always wears about three layers of shirts and refuses to let the world see her big cannons.

Wow Phone Post 3.0

Good find kind sir! Phone Post 3.0


My boss is away this weekend at a curling competition. She's a MILF and literally the only person I've ever met that competes in or even watches curling Phone Post 3.0

Those are some hot ruski's Phone Post 3.0