my GF made a frank trigg joke

so im sitting on the couch with my GF and things are getting a bit hot. she goes down and unzips my pants and pulls them off revealing my rock hard dong.

so there i am with my dong fully erect the head was all shiney and she giggles and blurts out "is that frank trigg?" i was proud of her.

i dont see you comin up with anything better.....

^^^^^ never gets old

Is that Kevin Bacon in her pooper??..:)

rocco always has such nice additions for every thread. i applaud you sir...

Threads should either be approved before posting or only select members should be allowed to start them.

^ damn

man, i could watch that gif for hours

the boob one

your girl had Trigg in her mind

sorry to hear it dude

I never seen this picture of trigg though just heard its really tiny

70% of us on this website have been laid, your story does nothing for most of us.