My girlfriends tattoo work in CO

I figured I would throw some of my Wife to be's tattoo work up here so if your in Denver you can look her up. She works as a tattoo artist at "That Scary Place" in Denver on Colfax Blvd.

Here is some of her stuff.

Madonna Portrait


A Royo piece




And here is a picture of her since I know someone is going to ask... If you are rude to her she will punch you in the nose!!!!!

nice portrait work!

and she's HOT! I love a good looking woman who can sport tattoos like that!

You will get dumped in the near future. When that happens, please give me her number. ;-)

LOL...  Thanks Yuki I'll be sure to let her know that your available if she gets tired of me.

She loves to do portraits. She has done my whole asian style sleeve as well. I'll have to get some new pics of it taken.

dude, you gotta post pics of the work she did on you!

I'll have her take pics of it tonight. It started as a cover up and before I knew it she had done a sleeve on me : )

nice work, nice girl.

lets see the work she did on you bro!

Thats awesome KJ..I dont know if you saw my post in your thread a couple weeks ago but if you guys are ever travelling thru NC and need some road money, she can work a shift at my shop and we can hang out. The door is always open!

Thanks Mario!!!! I may ask in the future.

Here is a pic of my arm sleeve she is working on. It's about 80% done and she did not want me to post it yet, but I promised I would.

Nice tat.

Never Die!

TheTom "Never Die" !!!!

Haole fan #1 yeah I know evryone has the damn coi on the forearm, but the whole tattoo started as a coverup of a really bad tribal band....  The dragon is covering the old tattoo. The coi was just added a few months ago. There is also a samurai on the backside of my arm.

nice work by your girl sir, love the tattooed ladys

nice tattoo bro