My GOD this smoke ring(pic)

$15 well spent on this POS WSM wannabe. The flash kinda took away the juicy look from the center of the pic. Check out the left rib, that was how good they all were!

(scroll down for pics)




PS, making a brisket this weekend. Wish me luck!

Excuse my camel toe on the last chicken pic.

Is that a new smoker or am I thinking of someone else ? Phone Post 3.0

Used, but new to me!

good stuff, been meaning to bust out the smoker and do a pork shoulder soon... got a bunch of my homemade, Korean carne asada marinating right now...

Damn, that sounds excellent JJ. Recipe?


I was going to do a thread on it but its my version of Kogi Tacos.... Gringo style. So Its

Flap meat or skirt steak...

1 good beer like an anchorsteam or Ive used guiness,  Stone smoked porter is a good one.

1 Dr.Pepper or a pepsi can

some brown or white sugar, preferably brown

Bunch of Siracha 

some soy sauce

Garlic powder

siracha chili  garlic paste

 a Slap yo Mamma or spicy Cajun seasoning with some salt in can also use Adobo orange peel one.

a little chipotle tabasco

1 gallon ziplock


I just throw the meat in the ziplock and eyeball it usually,  make sure its all kinda mixed together like a rub before I throw the beer, soda and a little soy sauce in. I always do it a little different and play with the amounts but the sugars kill the spice so you get a spicy sweet thing with a good carmelization after you marinade it overnight. Its never come out bad, tastes like Kona or Korean BBQ beef meat but in a taco just a little spicier.




I had same smoker and upgraded for electric smoker thinking if would be better. The worst decision I have made. That old school smoker is perfect Phone Post 3.0

^Sweet fucking screen name.

PS: Thanks JJ!

Making a brisket and $20 lbs of chicken. I got the brisket rubbed and the bird marinating in a chicken achiote concoction I got from another mexiCAN.

Fucking food porn up in here (:p~~~ Phone Post 3.0

The chicken came out so good, bros. I like the skin a little crispier but didn't want to dry it out.