my god this wes sims!

 He come across in this episode as a little special.


Sims is amazing

 attempted humor

kimbo said "shit" in a commercial. fcc wont be stoked

 Dude is weird as fuck and tries way too hard to be funny.

 wes is getting handled!

 My god this Wes Sims



 wow that was quick

 Weird how Frank Mir couldn't do jack to Wes despite having mount for a full round.

My god this Wes Sims

 That was rather uneventful.

Wes is just not good.

I'm bummed.

 Still amazing...

 I was correct. I said on another thread that Rashad went into the cage to console a Ramage fighter after their loss.

 damn i was  not impressed with his performance

oh boy i cant wait to see quinton fight rashad!!!

2011 yeah baby

It's all right Wes, we still love you.