my grappling shorts (pix)

i will add a ton of pictures on wed, but here is a peek:

peace yall,


thanks for the pix. how long are the shorts? they look fairly short in that pix.

that is only a size 30 in the the size is relative...thanks, jt

lol max...but plz dont hijack my thread with the object of your gay sexual fantasies...those are your issues bro...thanx, jt

I dont know... $10 seems a little steep for fight shorts. Who do you think we are, Hiltons?


there is no internet in county

Hiltons get internet in county.

34 waist and blue is the only thing available right now? I'm fine with that . I'm usually a 33 and blue brings out the brown in my eyes.

i have purple, blue, back and red. sizes are 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38. closed and split seam (the picture is closed)...all the features are the same...peace, jt

i just added seven more pictures....jt