My HDD took a sh!t

My HDD took a shit the day of the earthquake. I didn't realize they write onto a disk. So now I've decided to go with an 1tb SSD. I'm looking at the Samsung.

Does anyone have any input on whether or not this would be a good swap or is there something better?

A lead on where to get a good deal would also be greatly appreciated!!

Samsung and Crucial makes excellent SSD hard drives. Amazon has good prices. If you want to save some cash, you could get a 256GB or 512GB SSD for your OS and applications, and then a 2TB HDD for data storage 

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The data storage is what concerns me. Should I use a backup service? Or will the SSD be reliable for that?

The Samsung 1tb is fairly cheap 129 at Newegg. At least I think it's the right one.

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My laptop suddenly took a shit on me about two months ago, so I had to pick up a new one - lost almost everything.

Now I want to have a setup where I can easily exchange machines should the need arise - be it storing files / content via external drive and / or cloud drive, as well as needing / using only cloud or web-based applications for work and such.

Kinda off-topic, but when I started researching this sorta thing, it hadn't really dawned on me how much more of an O/S chrome is now rather than just a browser.  Depending on the type of work you do, unless you need a pretty robust software for something (say video editing forinstance), there isn't much you can't do via chrome now.

I've been doing some reading and found that even though the HDD isn't recoverable there is a sticker on my desktop that gives me a download of windows 10. So that should save about 100 bucks.

I think I'm gonna go with the Samsung 860 QVO 1tb

Samsung is a good choice.

If you care about your data you also need an external backup, either online (google drive, ms onedrive, etc, free up to a certain amount of space) and/or offline using an external hdd/ssd.

And yes you dont need to buy win10 again, once its activated on your computer its activated forever (unless you change the mainboard).


1TB SSD seems unnecessary unless you're ripping huge video files or something and need it for processing. 500GB is more than enough. Then get a couple good external regular drives for backup.

250 or 500GB is more than adequate, but small enough to remind you to backup once in a while and clear it. Accumulating 1TB of files on your local file just seems like a bad idea. Build up a bunch of stuff, get lazy about backing up, then it crashes.

129 is pretty cheap though, but it looks like the QVO is Samsung's budget line, so you probably lose some speed/performance over the $169 EVO. Prices on those bounce around a lot. Got a 500GB EVO for like 60 bucks a few months ago.

You can have a second hard drive to back up your data to, or use an online "cloud" solution. 

There are good online solutions and bad ones. Unfortunately the good ones aren't free/cheap, and the free/cheap ones aren't private/secure.

Don't get me wrong, Google Drive is secure, people aren't going to easily break in and get access to your files. However, I don't view it as private/secure from Google's data mining. 

If you're going to use a free or cheap online storage, I recommend saving everything in a Veracrypt encrypted container before uploading it (very easy to learn and do), or use an app like Cryptomator which automatically encrypts and decrypts your files as you upload or download them

1tb is too much. Go 512 if you REALLY need it or 256 for 99% of people.


100% if you have irreplacable data on your drive, get a cloud backup of some sort. Google drive is free (I think it's 15gigs) but if you need to backup more than that, it's easily worth the price.  Yes irreplaceable data is worth $12 per month. If youre not an IT pro, there's no reason to risk a total data loss catastrophe.

Thanks guys, much appreciated

Well I bought the 500 gb Samsung SSD from Best buy. I got a adapter bracket and a flash drive. All in all about 100 bucks.

Had to download windows from another computer onto the flash drive to install it on the new SSD. Was pretty seamless actually. Used my wife's University account to get a windows activation code.