My HH prediction on Diaz situation...

Remember when Paul Heyman wanted a job in the UFC, but was non specific about the role? Well, my sources tell me that not only did Heyman get the job, but he is highly involved in the recent Diaz drama. Dana might even be in the dark on this as sources tell me that Heyman reports directly to the Fertitas in an effort to bring larger than life reality-drama to help sell the sport. Phone Post

It's still real to me dammit.

Josh Gross has confirmed my suspicions! Phone Post

Considering most of the fans don't like the drama aspect of TUF, I find it hard to believe that they would want to introduce scripted drama into the sport. I imagine that would open the door to competition as the UFC has branded itself as the big leagues of MMA. If it turns out they are scripted, Bellator is poised to take the helm I imagine.

Had the hired Mark Burnett perhaps I would be buying this. More likely, Heyman was brought in to coach some of the guys on how to present themselves and what to talk about in interviews.