My....How Things Change.....

isnt it wierd how times change things?

i dont watch much tv cuz i have alot of school and work.

but i saw riddle on the ultimate fighter.

My senior year in highschool i teched him in the beginning of the third period...of course he was ALOT smaller then...

any body else here on this forum school somone who is today on the bigscreen?

good luck riddle.

joe mac


Not schooling....but have trained with guys who are starting to get noticed.

 When I was in 8th grade I went to basketball camp with a kid who now plays CBA basketball in front of crowds that range from 200 to 750 people.

My freshman year, Cain Velasquez was a senior at my high school, and he just beat a mofo down on the undercard of UFC 83.


I went to high school with Cheech's daughter... and might I add she was quite hot..and she blazed...only on the DL though


 Unfortunately i also grew up with BAM and some of the jackass crew in West Chester

I have beaten some of the guys people think are gods in mma, when I was in usa wressling..

 name names, TJ

ECWCock -  I know alot of hot girls that turned fat. Does that count?


ryan dempster went to my high school he plays baseball. A couple guy from highschool are pro BMXers but I would not think people would know there names

Not MMA; but Aaron Rodgers is on the big screen for the Packers

umm are you saying you were his teacher? or you like schooled him in a game of b ball?

I also went to highschool with minor league hockey goon brad wingfeild you can find a bunch of his fight on u tube by seaching his name. he had close to 600 penalty minites in one of his seasons

i schooled him as in, i took him down so many times, and scored so many points, they stopped the match.

"tech fall"

i played backyard ball with a.j. hawk. i got my ass handed to me every down

larpy, who?

any fruit booters here? i used to skate with Omar Wysong me and a few friends actually taught him how to skate. he was better than the whole state in a month. used to skate with Rod Dyrdek here and there and Ben Dotson too. wow i feel like a failure

I taught my neighbor Daniel how to wash cars, paint fences, and sand floors... and he went on to win the All valley tournament...