My idea for a reality show...

Basically, I'm looking to pitch a show at a major network, wanted to see what the UG thought. Basically it follows me around while I do cool stuff, like drive my tricked out Nissan truck, and train and look tough, many times talking on my cell phone. The other part of the show follows around a guy I dislike, making him look bad as much as possible, and the kicker is at the end of every episode the guy chickens out and never shows up to fight me even though he talks a bunch of smack to everyone, and I have videographic evidence. Do you think that would make for quality television? I'm looking for something PPV quality.


if the guy won't fight you good luck getting him to sign a release

I think you've locked this auduence.

People here would watch anything with you on TV.

I'd put it in Hawaii, though.

If you need a villainous protagonist, you know where to find me!

Yes, some big fat scantally clad nappy headed ho's should be dancing around you in a sexually suggestive manner during the intro of your pilot.

already done... was called BREAKING BONADUCE

throw in some "nappy headed hoes" and u have the best show ever.


I think Mayhem is talking about Dana White vs Tito Ortiz circus that was aired on SpikeTV

Circle gets the square.

This is what happens when people put to much Sugar in the Cool Aid. Go sit yo crazy ass down

throw in some "nappy headed hoes" and u have the best show ever.



How about you and a team mate gets jobs over the summer and say "thats hot" alot

Uh oh, BLAF is watching...

If you wear ur hat crooked, I'll watch!!

Although that show was funny, I have a newfound respect for the man. He really appeared to have trained his ass off, and looked in great shape. I've seen alot of sparring and he looked legit. Too bad it didn't go down.

I wish I could go to bed It's 4pm in this side of the world. All Bullshiting aside I wish they did have some cool aid here in Estonia

I was most impressed the way he flicks his cell phone open...

I think you KNOW who yo have to bring in for the soundtrack!!


Mayhem, if you don't have a private jet, a $200 K sports car and 5 o'clock shadow on your face, it won't work

How about some Private Parts, $200 of Scratch Lotto tickets, and a 5 o'clock handjob?