My idea for TUF 2

Besides the fact that both Spencer Fisher, and Josh Neer should be on the show.

Strong rumors have already been going around about the UFC keeping the same kind of setup for TUF 2. 2 coaches, and they will fight at the end of the season on PPV.

my choice would be B.J Penn and Matt Hughes.

Lets look at if from a logical standpoint.

Both of these guys deserve the money, at 170 who really has the tallent to beat these guys?

Hughes has already cleaned out the division, and Penn tooled him. So imho if these guys fight in the UFC again in the near future, it should be against each other.

Secondly BOTH are fighters that deserve the limelight just like Couture and Liddell.

Hopefully Zuffa will understand this.

BTW, B.J Penn is going to make a big announcement at ROTR (on May 7th) reguarding his next fight.

what do you guys think?

I would have no problem with that.

But Matt Hughes has already stated that he wants no part of being a coach.

I guess he could change his mind....

I don't expect to see BJ Penn back with UFC anytime soon. I think the coaches will be Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn. Although I don't care to see Severn fight.

Pat Miletich and Frank Shamrock

WHY DO COACHES HAVE TO FIGHT? Damn, get off that idea. Ken Shamrock, Pat Militech ...have Telligman and Sylvia fight after the show ends.