My Instructional Reccomendations!

Ive noticed a few threads about reccomendations for instructionals, I thought I would chime in seeing as I own a fairly large number of instructionals. Ill list a bunch of instructionals for each area and reccomend what to start with etc.


-Rodney King UK & Denmark Seminar instructional!
This is the best instructional for starting out period! It covers the entire Crazy Monkey Phase 1 and phase 2 delivery systems. I used to highly reccomend the 3 Disc set from SBG that Rodney put out, but I think this DVD is better as it shows alot of the material covered on the first two volumes on that set. Not the exact same material, but the same tyope of stuff but it is, how can I put it? revolutionised, is probably the best term, as most people would agree. The info on this DVD will get the beginner off to a flying start! When the beginner is comfortable working the material covered on this DVD, here are some other suggestions:

-Don Familtons Superior Boxing
This is an extremely complex set on the art of Western Boxing! I think that there is a ton of info on here that will take the trainee a long time to get through and train. It is also remarkably easy to take the material covered on the UK & Denmark seminar, and implement it into the stuff covered, i.e. its easy to work the material covered by Don without leaving the framework that Rodney provides in the Denmark DVD!

Other instructionals to consider are:

-Rodneys other DVD's. I havent seen them personally, but no doubt they are excellent, especially the latest one!
-Duke Roufus' Thai Boxing set. This is like the Thai Boxing equivelant of Don Familtons set.


-Matt Thorntons Series 2 Clinch DVD
This is an excellent intro to the clinch and gives a rock solid framework that you can build from! It has everything starting with controlling from the neck tie and underhooks, off balancing and setting up strikes and takedowns.

-Rodney Kings SBG set vol 3
This one will cover alot more detail on how to strike and in the clinch and compliments Matts DVD very well! Both DVD's should lay a solid foundation for the trainee!

Other sets to consider are:

-Rodneys ClinchBoxing 101 DVD. Again, I havent seen this but Ive heard nothing but good things.
-Singer Brothers Clinch for the street tape. This is like an encyclopedia of info from the clinch! Tons of info to add to a good framework.
-Im also told that Randy Coutures Centuryvision set is good, tho I havent seen it.


-Matt Thorntons Series 2 Top, Bottom & Guard DVD's
These are excellent and will give a beginner a great foundation! They are packed out with principles and solid high percentage moves to keep a beginner busy for a long time. I personally think that they are a little light on submissions, but that is not the aim of the set! But what it will give you is a rock solid set of principles and a complete gameplan on the ground that you will be able to work for years!

-Nathan Leverton's Total Grappling tapes
This is another excellent set for beginners. I have only seen the guard and half guard tapes, but they are excellent and will add another dimensions of sweeps, attacks and subs that you can add to your gameplan!

Once you have the basics down and are ready to move on, other sets to consider are:

-Omo Plata and the Dynamic Guard
This is an awesome instructional for learning the ins and outs of the Omo Plata, this will really add an entirel new dimension of attacks and sweeps to your gameplan!

-Dynamic Kneebars
The kneebar is one of the most common subs in grappling. And this is the definitive work on setting up and executing the kneebar.

Hope that helps guys!


Great info Beev. I think Matt Thornton, Rodney and all the SBG members are quality guys who put out a quality product. I am looking foward to FJKD 3 and Singer's street clinch vol. 2.

best advice is to stay away from competors videos with expections like leo viera also sperry gets reccomended a lot but that is not your best option these days go with other alternatives erik paulson is your best bet

I'd like to add Stephan Kesting's Butterfly Guard and X Guard tape to this list. This is the first one of his series that I've purchased, and it won't be the last. The setup of the DVD is the best I've seen on an instructional video so far, and I have quite a few. He covers the material in a very detailed, yet down-to-earth manner that I really enjoyed. He shows high percentage techniques and variations, then shows clips of the techniques being used (usually by him) either in the gym or in competition. I was able to add some of the techniques to my game immediately - others, I'll be working on for a long time. There is enough material there for years. Great stuff, I highly recommend it.


sfuk reccomends ep's videos for mma for old school wrestling id rec tony c's complete set but not his sem tapes they are not impressive the best mma seminar tapes are sbgi also flo's new video and of course ep's sbgi probably has the best boxing/MT sets esp chicos

Whoa KKM. Punctuation is your friend.

KKM is my friend punctuation is my enemy

"sfuk reccomends ep's videos for mma for old school wrestling id rec tony c's complete set but not his sem tapes they are not impressive the best mma seminar tapes are sbgi also flo's new video and of course ep's sbgi probably has the best boxing/MT sets esp chicos"


The SFUK site recommends Erik Paulson's video for MMA.

For "Old School" wrestling I'd recommend Tony Cechine's complete set, but not his seminar tapes... they are not impressive.

The best MMA seminar tapes are SBGi. Kenny Florian's new video is good also... as are Erik Paulson's videos.

The SBGi probably has the best boxing/Muay Thai sets... especially Rodney King's.

Whoa. Kevin, I didn't know you were multi-lingual. English and KKMese?

I recommend anything from Matt Thornton and Rodney King!!! Those instructionals have changed/saved my life in more ways than one.


professional fighter vids usually are the worst or overpriced like sperrys

Burton's 5 Set DVD Series Science of a Fight and 2 set DVD series Choke'em Out is a must !

I have heard good things about Burton's video series on choking techniques. In the past, I have tried to contact Burton via email to inquire about his high performance videos. I never received any replies. On the other hand, the time I emailed Mr. Thornton he took time to reply. I was genuinely impressed

You can reach Burton directly on
He is very helpful and will surely take the time to assist.