My Instructional Reccomendations!

Roy Harris has great tapes IMHO. Great basics with a lot of principles...

Some of my favorites.

Matt Thornton's. I have his FJKD 2 and his Florida two tape seminar (2002). Of all of the instuctionals I own, his rank at the very top. His instruction in how to maintain top position improved my grappling enormously. His guard tape is incredible as are the other tapes in the series. His Florida seminar tape set is equally as good. Everyone must have his tapes.

Walt Bayless. For unorthodox and for totally 'out of the box' moves that really work...his tapes are hard to beat. Walts a very good video instructor

Mario Sperry. While his vale tudo tapes are geared for NHB, they are very applicable to no-gi wrestling. Very few tape sets teach chain wrestling like his. Very high percentage moves and taught so they all work together to form game.

Mario Sperry's Secrets of Submission Wrestling. Two very good tapes on the butterfly/open guard. His passing the guard tape is one of the best for no-gi wrestling

Bas Rutten's Extreme Pancrase. For cool submissions, this might be one of the best tape sets out there. His chokes tape has over 20 entries into a variety of chokes and neck cranks. His arm lock tape has a ton of neat entries as does his leg lock tapes. Brutal stuff.

Chris Brennan's Passing the Guard. A bunch of high percentage passes for both regular guard and butterfly.

Stephan Kesting's Oma Plata tapes(havent seen his newer tapes yet). He is at the very top as well. A great video instructor. One tape of entries and one tape of finishes.

Marcello Garcia. These tapes are advanced. Very detailed instruction. I really like the way he teaches his style of grappling, fast, agressive, always staying ahead of your opponent...never let him impose his game on yours.

Tony Cecchine. His Lost Art of Hooking series is really good. He teaches a brutal game. You kind of have to sort thru the moves to find the ones that will work for you, but they are all good. He has two really good tapes on ground control and his leg lock tapes are very good.

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By the way, I highly recommend Baret Yoshida's
submission tapes, along with Marcello Garcia's. For
me, fight tapes are often great instructionals.

I have all of Roy Harris' tapes, and Matt T.'s second series - all great.

Thanks for the other recommendations. I'm definitely gonna pick up something by Rodney K. around Christmas.

"Rodney King UK & Denmark Seminar instructional"

Is this the same 3 disc set sold on called UK and Denmark Seminar tour?

If not where can one purchase this? Thanks.


Go to As the main page opens, there is a flashing red 'new updates'. Click on this. There is a list of new updates. Click on Rodney King's standup seminar dvds.


that link is not working for me. Is it temporarily down or is there some where else to go? Thanks.


It just worked for me..not sure what it could be. You can also access his new updates by clicking on 'Gorilla Press' from the menu bar on the main page.

From the main page, when you click on the flashing red new updates..another page should appear..there is a picture of a gorilla. The list of new updates is right below this picture.