My interview on Fox4 Kansas City last week

Hope all is well. I was on Fox 4 KC last week. Here is the interview. Hope you enjoy. 



lol, killed it on the local news and I think ole anchorwoman wanted your sting

Good stuff, bro! Too many good one liners to name, but the Trump Facebook, Circus Ring Girl, and and 2nd Place Podium were some that stood out.




Funny stuff man 

Good shit Adam!

Funny stuff!

I lol'd

Lmao! I didn't watch enough to understand why the hell you were on there, but that was some funny stuff. Nice going.

"Weddings are expensive, trying to lose friends quickly".


Good stuff man. I laughed and it looked like you were having fun up there. 

"Find the girl in the photo"  Lol.

Great stuff Adam!  It was totally unnecessary for them to put "Comedian" under your name on the screen.  =)


Thanks so much for the kind words. 


Man you killed it, came off really natural and hilarious.

Agree that the anchorwoman wanted your sting.

Good stuff Adam as usual. Hope your trip to KC was nice

That was great man hah 


well done 


and yeah that lady looked like she was into ya