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Enjoy brothers and sisters!

yeah, give some directions tyrone! lol

1-0 in the UFC, you need to get back in there at 185 tyrone as soon as possible. tyrone came to one of our sessions here while back and was impressive as hell. his hands will be as fast as anyone you will see in the UFC.

there you go, a person to fight baroni or lee murray.

I just have a few boxing fights coming up in
Oskaloosa,Ia May 1st. sounds like boxing at prarie meadows casino in des moines on may,13

Frankie I weigh around 195-200 walk around. but I wrestled in college and through high school so cutting weight aint no problem.

i met andre hunting over by tama. he pulled up in a pick up. it was getting dark so i couldn't recognize him at first. then when he turned his dome light on i realized who i was talking to. i told my ex's brother i knew who that was and he told me it was andre and he fights in the ufc. like it was no big deal. but he was the first fighter i met and it was cool. real cool guy