My IT Project Wired my house pics

Since I can't post pics, I'll just provide a link to a page I made. I did this all alone without any sort of consultation with a book or professional. I work in the trades and I'm around this stuff all day so I have a general knowledge of many things.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think.


I just drill a small hole though the floor in the corner near a baseboard and run the cable through it. I have cables running all over my house, did that each time and cant even see the cables or the hole.

Yeah, I plan on doing something like that, but I can get any kind of baseboard I want for free and the material to put it up, nails, caulk, chop saw, nail gun, all of that. The only thing I would need is paint.

I just use the existing outlets. They sell dual plates with coax + RJ45 or RJ11 + RJ45.

Well, if you noticed, I didn't have that option. I ran the cord from upstairs through the wall. It was either that way or no way.

Used to do it for a living so checking out that page will send me into a murderous rage.

HAHA, yeah I can understand that.

good smack!

As you can tell by the pics, too late for that. Plus I didn't have the option once I cut out the hole. I started cutting and fucked up the hole so I had to use a new work box.